Advisor: Andrew Zago, Special Advisor: Jeff Kipnis

Recent architectural discourse has been offered a novel means to engage spatial relationships by the sectional object while keeping the sectional object as a pure interior condition in the equation. This thesis explores the shifting sense of identity through the incongruity between the body and the loose-fit by making the interior body directly a part of the exterior by creating a thickened contemporary couture for it.

Taken as the interior body, Retour de Chasse, the paper project by Ledoux is re-created with an addition including the entire site based on precise analysis of the original 18th century drawings of Ledoux. The operative strategy focuses on the actual drawings of Ledoux and brings Ledoux and its affects back in its actual specific terms. The original drawings show a dark shadow around the masses and in this thesis, the flatness of the drawings are inverted aiming for a way to find a second project hidden inside the original drawings. The premise of the project selection is its strong, irrational and grotesque form which was extremely unconventional, picturesque and shocking at the end of 18th century in France. Being interested in extreme rationalism and neoclassicism, Ledoux's utopian nature made him unsettlingly irrational and sublime by that time. This thesis tries to find a different way manifesting that sublime power using certain features of the fine line drawings of Ledoux by mis-reading them. The couture designed for the entire complex highlights and frames the radical form of the project in a more contemporary discussion to re-experience Ledoux and aims to re-capture its power today.

The couture can only be created with the interior body, only in toontown of the Ledoux book and it transforms Ledoux into something strange and similar at the same time by creating a sheared shadow of existing complex onto itself.

The investigation attempts to produce an exaggerated cartoon similarity of the body as the loose-fit that in the end, the interior body, Retour de Chasse never reveals itself in its entirety from outside and the viewer is always expecting to see one complete figure, be it Ledoux, the couture, its form, façade and pattern.