Advisor: Ramiro Diaz-Granados
SCI-Arc I Spring 2010

Within the lineage of the over-arching problem (top-down vs. bottom-up organizations) the project introduces another layer of complexity: Materiality which constitutes the relationship between the actual and the virtual. Materiality brings the problems of physics: weight, gravity, resistance, stiffness, pliancy, adherence, orientation, etc. The goal of the project is to develop organizational models through the direct manipulation of materials. The matrix of organizational systems relate to formal problems that deal with parts-to-whole relationships in a quantitative and qualitative manner. The starting point of aggregation consists of multiple smaller units tightly interconnected to form a whole. It generates an army of self-similar units that relate to one another through physical connections. For the second phase, monolithic type is explored and in all cases, plastic (styrene) is used and surface deformations under the heat force is the main interest.