Vertical Studio
Advisor: Peter Zellner, AT: Alfonso Medina
SCI-Arc I Fall 2011

Cities are no longer singular entities but they do have molecular compositions based on interactions in between diverse & active constellations that unite to co-habit the city. Looking at the urban pattern of LA, the project takes on the idea of map figurations and a different position towards densifying Los Angeles. Rather than ideal & existing forms with closed shapes with rigid boundaries, the basic building blocks have irregular shapes with maximized porosity. Operational strategy deals with multiple & overlapping forms and the basic infrastructural unit is a ‘strand’ with sublimates into built form; thickens into occupiable space. The main idea for the project is to blend the boundary between public and private open spaces to create a variety of interstitial experiences that hard edges are broken with a high degree of complexity & connectivity in between the patches. The existing conditions regarding the density & building scales & frequency-adjacency are all inverted in the revised plan.