Advisor: Kelly Bair
SCI-Arc I Spring 2010

*in collaboration with Erin Besler

The project expands on the conceptions of representational tools, emphasizing diagramming and spatial representations, and incorporating site analysis, topography and three-dimensional realizations. It collects disparate oddities which can inspire wonder and curiosity through novel forms, unusual materials, and unexpected couplings with similar as well as dissimilar objects. The project represented here includes diagrams, 2-D images, 3-D physical and virtual models and photography to develop spatial compositions. The point of departure is the diagram. In its infancy,
the diagram acts as a tool for stripping a projects ambition down to its most basic geometric parts. The chosen source material for the course project is Cucumis Metuliferus: Horned Melon. The outset of the project is developed through a careful dissection, description, and 2-D & 3-D diagramming of a piece of unusual fruit, Horned Melon. The chosen fruit has interior volumes, an exterior texture that is significantly different than its interior, and its sectional makeup is comprised of both convex and concave curves.