Advisor: Dwayne Oyler
SCI-Arc I Fall 2009

The project is an in-depth investigation into the principles of diagramming & representation through the development of both conventional architectural techniques and interpretive skills using a variety of analytical and representational methods. The drawings represented here are to convey the most descriptive visual information possible for the chosen object; J66 Bellows Camera. The drawings revolve around analyzing, dissecting, and re-broadcasting the object which is not passive but as active systems embedded with potential dynamic and robotic mechanisms. In drawing the object, its robotic properties, temporal qualities, relationship to the body, morphology, modes of assembly, and their aesthetic qualities through various drawing methods are taken into consideration. J66 Bellows, according to Land List, is a common Polaroid produced from 1961 to 1963 with a 114mm f/19 meniscus (single element) plastic lens. The shutter is a pneumatic rotary system rated at 1/15 to 1/1000. Upon noticing a rattling noise and opening it up this negative (converted to positive) is still
inside the camera.